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Increasing qualified leads through Facebook Ads for a leading Domiciliary care brand.

Edmar Recruitment is a leading home care service provider that uses technology to improve both the standard of care and the way in which carers can be booked for home care assignments.

Edmar Recruitment works with the NHS and local councils to deliver quick, high quality, and transparent social care to patients out of hospital. The NHS uses Cera’s services to improve care for the elderly, assist with hospital discharges and reduce the need for readmissions by supplying higher quality and on-demand home care.

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The challenge

We focused our efforts on strategic execution. Rather than creating big, expensive, brand videos, we focused on a series of social-first, short, snappy videos and images that stopped people in their tracks. We tested hard – with thousands of different variations of adverts that tapped into local cultural trends.


Month to  Month Facebook Page Results

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